In the competitive world of business, companies need to focus all their energies on their core business in order to stay ahead. This realization has led increasingly to the use of Managed IT Services, drastically altering the way in which companies operate. Where companies once carried demands of traditional IT services, they now see and experience the benefits of leaving these to specialists enabling them to refocus their energies and scarce resources on the core and strategic elements of their business.

Evernet’s Managed IT Services Solution is able tso provide Client with a perfect Managed IT Service solution, customized to your specific requirements.

We provide this service on a ‘fixed-price’ basis. This allows you to have control and predictability over your IT costs and it means that we’re focused on delivering a highly efficient service. Our business is built on service excellence and when you partner with Evernet you can rest assured you have the strength of our entire organization supporting you.

Major Benefits of Managed IT Services

The major benefits to Clients include the following:

  • Access to a wider base of specialized skills
  • Deploy new applications and technologies quickly and cost-effectively
  • Access to best practices
  • Access to proven methodologies, policies, processes & procedures
  • Assistance to support changes in the business, and help meeting regulatory requirements.
  • Assist the client in meeting business SLA’s or SLO’s.
  • Cost savings are realized due to removal of recruiting, training, vacation, sick days, & resource turnover cost implications
  • No concerns about:
    • Resourcing issues or expertise gaps in in-house technical teams,
    • Headcount constraints.

Our Managed IT Service Methodology

Continuous Improvement, Optimization & Innovation

This is to define how we enhance the services and your IT environments

Service Implementation

This is to define how we understand and take over your IT Support Services

Service Operation

This is to define how we ensure your IT environment operates well

Service Implementation

The first step is to take the time to understand your existing IT infrastructure and how it supports your business. We then tailor a fully-managed IT Support service that aligns to the specific needs and goals of your organization

This will begin with a ‘kick-off’ meeting with all the relevant key people within Clients and Evernet with the main purpose to:
  • Introduce the key people involved in the handover
  • plan the handover
  • discuss logistics of the handover and service operation such as:
    • Arrange areas where work is to be performed
    • Arrange the necessary physical and IT accesses
    • Times available to work with person handing over the service to Evernet.
The Service handover will include:
  • An overview of the current infrastructure to be supported
  • Documentation that is available e.g. Infrastructure diagrams, processes & procedures, IT policies, IT tools, and software etc.
  • Meeting and report requirements
  • Third Party Vendors that need to be managed Etc.

Service Operation

It is imperative that the Client’s environment is stable or stabilized prior to implementing any improvements. Evernet’s goal is to ensure Client’s IT environment operates in the most efficient, stable and risk-averse way possible.

Client’s tools will be evaluated to establish if they are sufficient to perform the service functions to the best of their ability. Should they not be, Evernet will identify which tools should be considered by Client and submit a proposal for consideration and approval.

Services Operation continues for the life of the contract and comprises two major components:
  • Service Operation – Business Availability
  • Continuous Improvement, Optimization & Innovation.
Service Operation includes the following:
  • Service delivery as per the scope of services and SLAs
  • The existing processes and procedures will be followed.
  • >Meetings will be held and the required reports distributed in a timely manner.
  • Regular communication, both formally and informally, will commence.
  • Service level management
  • Ensuring systems security, availability, and stability

Continuous Improvement, Optimization & Innovation

Continual improvement is a set of activities that are continually carried out in order to enhance services and environments. As part of our Continuous Improvement initiative, we will be analyzing and monitoring the environment continuously, and submit our recommendations accordingly.

Recommendations will be submitted to Client formally for approval.

Should the recommendations require to be implemented as a separate project with additional resource requirements, a proposal with the associated costs will be submitted to Client for consideration and approval.

Recording of recommendations, as well as feedback, will be documented in the monthly service reports.

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