How you benefit from Managed IT Services in COVID-19 Situation?

The COVID 19 pandemic has affected millions of people and businesses across the world. The virus is highly infectious, and no business is unaffected from its effects. As most of the countries are following lockdowns, companies are forced to close their offices and employees are made to work from homes.

Most businesses that work online have started working from homes. However, they have been experiencing big changes in performance and productivity while operating on a work from home model.

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Is Work from Home the right solution in response to COVID-19? 

A simple solution to continue the business operations for IT businesses is to work from home. However, the IT staff in the countries with a high volume of support centers are not able to offer the same support while working from home as they used to offer to work in their offices.

The major issues that affect the work consists of sluggish internet connectivity, and the lack of equipment and systems required to perform the jobs from homes. It is almost not possible for businesses to move all the desktops and reconfigure the software to operate remotely. Moreover, there are issues of low cybersecurity and networking environments. All these problems result in low quality and productivity.

Managed IT Services

Outsourcing the work to a managed IT services provider is the best solution to continue with the workflow and maintain the overall productivity and revenue in business. Manages IT services providers have expert teams that can handle any type of IT, and IT enables services. In the present situation like COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown, outsourcing the business processes to a managed IT service provider can be a lifeline for many businesses. Let us explore all the benefits of managed IT services in the COVID-19 situation.

Enhanced Productivity

As the COVID-19 pandemic has forced all businesses to work from home, the productivity of every process declines due to a lack of resources and a casual environment at home. Outsourcing the IT processes to a managed service provider means a business can get the work done by experts. The experts work like your employees work in the office and offer you enhanced productivity on a daily basis.

Adaptation to changes

Adaptation is the key to survival for every business in the COVID-19 like crisis. The IT businesses are no exception, and they need to adapt to the present situation and make changes in their work strategy. People working with managed IT services providers are experts in adaptation to changes and can work in almost all types of environments. They can offer you performance and productivity from home, which is almost impossible for regular employees.

Cost control

Outsourcing the IT processes to a third party also enables businesses to control their weekly and monthly costs. In the case of a standard work model, a business needs to pay fixed salaries to their employees and also the office expenses. However, by outsourcing the work to a managed IT service provider, they can pay project wise or on an hourly basis, enabling them to lower the operation costs significantly.

Access to Voice and Data Services

The managed IT service providers have access to all the voice and data services, whether they operate from an office or from home. With the availability of these communication services, they are able to communicate actively with their clients. Also, they have applications to send real-time updates to their clients. You can get real-time updates of the work as you get from your employees in the office.

Business continuity

The delivery of services to the clients is the primary aim of a managed IT services provider. They have dedicated data and network centers that are resilient and available to maintain the continuity of business. The data centers and networks ensure the recovery of data in every circumstance. Even if the government of your state does not allow you to open your office for a few months, the managed IT services provider will continue to work for your business. It means continue workflow and revenue.

Available in multiple locations

Managed IT services are available in many countries of the world, and some have offices in multiple countries. Therefore, if there is lockdown or similar restrictions in one location, they manage the work from their other branches. It means you don’t need to worry about getting the work done by the local service providers. You can hire any service provider form a location that is free from any type of restrictions to operate.

Reduce your Carbon Footprint

By centralizing your core IT processes to a third party, you can reduce the power usage and utility costs to a minimum. You can save all the utility costs and bills that you used to pay every month while operating from a physical office. Hence, outsourcing offers businesses a way to reduce their operational costs and carbon footprint significantly.

Avoid safety and security breaches.

In today’s world of cybercrime, it is difficult to operate an IT business safely and secure your data from cyber thefts. Managed IT service providers have dedicated experts who work on safeguarding the client’s data and also keep the cybercriminals and hackers at bay. They also assist your own employees in recognizing and avoiding the upcoming and latest possible threats to minimize the risk of security breaches.

Cloud-Based Services

Managed IT services also offer you cloud-based services that enable you to store your data safely on cloud platforms. It makes your employees access the websites and accounts from their mobile devices. The use of the cloud platform enables them to work remotely.

Reinvest and Expand your business

Funds for investment are a major constraint to the expansion of your business. By outsourcing your business processes to a managed IT service provider, you are able to save significant funds and reinvest them in the expansion and growth of your business in the future.


The benefits of outsourcing to a professional IT company, in the COVID 19 like situation cannot be expressed in words. From saving of costs, getting enhanced productivity and more time to create the expansion strategies, a business can grow and take advantage of the crisis, when all others are thinking to save their business.

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